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Products and services

We provide companies with a wide choice of instruments,
to suit every need of growing business internationally

We support companies in their growth over the entire internationalization lifecycle, from the initial assessment of new markets to the expansion through direct investments

We support the international growth of Italian businesses
We become a partner in Italian companies' direct investments
We foster national exports of capital goods towards any country in the world
We are eligible for the management of EU Trust Funds, EU blending funds for cooperation development

Welcome to the
Italian hub for internationalization and export
of the Cassa depositi e prestiti Group

SIMEST and SACE are now together to boost the global competitiveness of Italian companies


A single access point, a vaster range of products and services!

Targeting new geographies, finding potential customers and new opportunities for portfolio diversification. In a word: growing your business abroad.

  • SACE provides a wide range of insurance-financial services to assist companies in the selection of high potential markets and the management of the risks related to operating in new geographical areas
  • SIMEST supports Italian companies in their growth on international markets through internationalization, export and direct investments

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