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CDP Group: the Granarolo Group bolsters its position in France with SIMEST

Underwriting a 30% capital increase in the French subsidiary - €15 million to develop Italian dairy products locally and in neighbouring countries

CDP Group: the Granarolo Group bolsters its position in France with SIMEST
18 January 2018

SIMEST, the CDP Group company that along with SACE constitutes the Group's exports and internationalisation operations will support the strategy of the Granarolo Group in Europe. A 30% capital increase amounting to € 15 million has just been finalised for Granarolo France SAS, the Group's main player in EU markets. The operation is aimed at supporting the Granarolo Group's plan to expand into the French and neighbouring markets by promoting the Italian milk production chain and product diversification: in fact, in addition to dairy products, other food products linked to the Italian gastronomic tradition will also be marketed. With this operation, Granarolo will boost its growth in foreign markets, launched in 2011 with a series of acquisitions in France, Chile, Brazil and New Zealand. This plan also calls for new strategic moves in other European countries. “We are very proud to be able to support a Made in Italy agro-industrial excellence like the Granarolo Group”, declared the CEO of SIMEST, Alessandra Ricci “giving it our backing to drive its development and help it win new slices of the French and European market, where competition is fierce”. “The capital increase of Granarolo France will help finance our 2016-2019 development plan”, declared Gianpiero Calzolari, Chairman of the Granarolo Group. “France and neighbouring countries are key markets where we are planning the side-by-side launch of a large selection of Italian-made products and innovative products that meet the specific needs of new consumer targets.” Last year, SACE also underwrote a bond issue for the Granarolo Group. The 60-million euro issue was underwritten in equal parts by CDP and by Fondo Sviluppo Export, the export development fund established by SACE, and the bond issue is helping to finance the new 2016-2019 business plan. Granarolo is also a SACE BT client for credit insurance and surety bonds in Italy and abroad.


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SIMEST is a CDP group company with a 76% controlling interest held by SACE and other shareholdings held by leading Italian banks and industry associations. SIMEST and SACE together constitute the CDP group's export and internationalisation operations. CDP incorporates all the tools needed to support Italian businesses that intend to compete and grow internationally. In particular, SIMEST operates across the entire international development lifecycle, providing soft loans for internationalisation, export credit support and equity investments.

Granarolo Group One of Italy’s leading agro-industrial operators, the Granarolo Group comprises two distinct yet complementary areas: the agricultural consortium of milk producers, Granlatte, which collects the milk, and the joint stock company, Granarolo S.p.A. - which processes and sells the milk produced at 17 facilities throughout Italy, 2 facilities in France, 3 in Brazil and 1 in New Zealand. The Granarolo Group’s mission abroad is to export the tradition and know-how of Italian-made specialities (dairy and non-dairy). Indeed, the Group has diversified its portfolio in recent years. At 31/12/2016, the Granarolo Group employed more than 2,800 workers. 77.48% of the Group is owned by the Granlatte Consortium, 19.78% by Intesa Sanpaolo and the remaining 2.74% by Cooperlat. In 2016, the Group’s turnover was about one billion and two hundred million Euros. www.gruppogranarolo.it