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CDP Group: SIMEST takes stake in the Abruzzo-based OMA. Objective: to gain new markets

The CDP Group company has acquired 30% of the Angelucci Group company of Pescara. A commitment of €10 million to support the 2017-2022 investment plan

CDP Group: SIMEST takes stake in the Abruzzo-based OMA. Objective: to gain new markets
31 October 2017

SIMEST, a company that together with SACE forms the CDP Group export and internationalisation hub, has acquired 30% of OMA Spa, a company of the Angelucci Group of Pescara, through a capital increase, with an investment of €10 million.

The announcement was made today by the CEO of SIMEST, Alessandra Ricci and the CEO of OMA, Mauro Angelucci, during an event organised at the headquarters of Confindustria Chieti Pescara.

OMA Spa is a leader in the supply, construction and assembly of metal structures, pressure parts, piping, mechanical assembly and commissioning (reactors, columns, vessels, pumps) and operates in the oil & gas industry, refineries, chemicals, power, cement, ecology, glass, petrochemicals and global maintenance services.

The SIMEST action will support the 2017-2022 investment plan of the OMA Group, which has among its main objectives the strengthening of its operations in foreign markets in which it already present, such as Russia and Romania, and entry into new countries deemed strategic, such as Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Kazakhstan. The implementation of the investment plan will enable the OMA Group to continue its commercial diversification strategy with a particular focus on international customers, increasing its export share from the current 30% to 85% when fully operational.

We are very proud of our investment because having the OMA Group as a partner enables SIMEST to support an example of industrial excellence, allowing it to compete even more effectively at the international level, gaining new market share”, said Alessandra Ricci, CEO of SIMEST. “Abruzzo’s share of our portfolio, which already includes 7 companies and a total investment of €11 million, will also double thanks to today’s transaction”.

“The entry of SIMEST as a shareholder of the OMA Group, which strengthens its capital structure”, said Angelucci, “today marks an ambitious beginning and enables an Abruzzo company with an excellent vocation as general contractor to establish itself, with ever greater success, as one of the undisputed world leaders in the plant engineering sector.”





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SIMEST is part of the CDP Group, 76% owned by SACE, with leading Italian banks and trade associations among its other investors. SIMEST and SACE form the export and internationalisation hub of the CDP Group, which offers the entire range of financial instruments to support Italian companies interested in competing and expanding internationally. In particular, SIMEST supports companies throughout their entire international development process, providing soft loans for internationalisation, export credit support and equity investments.

The OMA Group of the Angelucci family, which is also a customer of SACE, was founded in 1981 and boasts record performance figures and a healthy order book with leading international customers. it has four operating facilities in Italy, a plant in Romania, about 800 employees, turnover in 2016 of more than €100 million and an order book of about €200 million. It expects to expand turnover significantly in the coming years.

Thanks to its strong international drive, the group has achieved market success and is highly competitive in the