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CDP Group: SIMEST supports the development of Exor software in the United States

Acquisition of 44% of the American subsidiary of the Verona company. Objective: to create a commercial structure to serve the United States, Canada and Mexico

CDP Group: SIMEST supports the development of Exor software in the United States
14 March 2017

SIMEST, a company of the CDP Group’s export and internationalisation hub, has taken a stake in Exor Electronic Research and Development Inc., a US company established in 1989 by Exor International Spa of Verona that operates in the sale of hardware and software produced in Italy.

The SIMEST investment involves the acquisition of 44% of the company’s capital (about €500 thousand) and is intended to create a commercial structure to serve the western area of the United States, Canada and Mexico, where there are major opportunities for the sector.

Exor International (assisted in the transaction by the advisor Nexinvest of Vicenza) is the operating holding company of a group of companies active in the design and production of human-machine interface (HMI) systems (displays and software for human-machine interface) for the visualisation and control of industrial and civil automation processes.

In 2015, the company posted turnover of €16.4 million, employing about 80 staff. The use of digital HMI systems is spreading in every sector. In this scenario Exor International Spa has placed itself in a potentially strong position for growth, boasting a globally recognised brand, an innovative and reliable product that is positioned in the high end of the market and a presence through subsidiaries in major markets, enabling it to deliver professional and rapid customer service.





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SIMEST is part of the CDP Group, 76% owned by SACE, with leading Italian banks and trade associations among its other investors. SIMEST and SACE form the export and internationalisation hub of the CDP Group, which offers the entire range of financial instruments to support Italian companies interested in competing and expanding internationally. In particular, SIMEST supports companies throughout their entire international development process, providing soft loans for internationalisation, export credit support and equity investments.