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CDP Group: Bomi Group, leader in biomedical logistics, consolidates its presence in Latin America thanks to SIMEST

CDP Group: Bomi Group, leader in biomedical logistics, consolidates its presence in Latin America thanks to SIMEST
15 December 2017

SIMEST, the company that with SACE forms the export and internationalisation hub of the CDP Group, once again supports the Bomi Group – leading company in biomedical logistics from Vaprio D’Adda, Milan – in Latin America.

After joining the Italian group in Chile, in 2014, SIMEST also partnered with other two of its subsidiaries in Brazil and Mexico. SIMEST's total investment is 6 million euros and is aimed at supporting the 2017-2020 business plan that includes expanding in Latin American, a market with great growth potential. Specifically:

In Brazil, also thanks to SIMEST’s support, Bomi has acquired the entire capital of Biomedical Distribution Mercosur (it already owned 55%), local market leader in biomedical logistics.

In Mexico, the partnership with SIMEST will help Bomi to develop its presence on the Mexican market through the newly acquired company Especialistas en Almacenaje y Distribución, already active in the healthcare product logistics sector.


Contact details for the media:

Tel: +39 06 68635.777


Twitter: @SIMEST_IT


SIMEST is part of the CDP Group, 76% controlled by SACE and invested in by leading Italian banks and business associations. SIMEST and SACE form the export and internationalization hub of the CDP Group, which offers all the financial instruments to support Italian companies interested in competing and expanding internationally. In particular, SIMEST supports companies throughout their entire international development process, providing soft loans for internationalisation, export credit support and equity investments.

The Bomi Group is also SACE's client. Founded in 1985, the group is a leader in the biomedical logistics sector and in the management of sophisticated technology healthcare products. It outsources a wide range of logistics services to companies in the healthcare sector and, specifically, manages the distribution of medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, in-vitro diagnostic equipment, reagents and implant products. The Bomi Group portfolio comprises approximately 100 clients, including the main international players in the healthcare sector (such as the main pharmaceutical companies and medical device producers), as well as small and medium-size firms in the biomedical, diagnostics ad biotech industry across the world. Today, with approximatively 1,125 employees, the Bomi Group is present, through a number of subsidiary and associated companies, in Europe, Latin America, China and the United States and its services are provided also thanks to strategic alliances with local partners.