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CDP Group: Astaldi US and SIMEST in a partnership to develop the United States market

With a US$ 7.5 million investment, SIMEST enters ACC, an Astaldi Group subsidiary, with a 34% interest

CDP Group: Astaldi US and SIMEST in a partnership to develop the United States market
19 January 2018

SIMEST has acquired an approximately 34% interest in the share capital of Astaldi Construction Corporation (“ACC”), a United States subsidiary of the Astaldi Group, active in building infrastructure since 1989. Equal to US$ 7.5 million, the investment aims at supporting Astaldi’s growth on the United States market. Today, the Astaldi Group is engaged in carrying out motorway projects and, in particular, the contract recently acquired in partnership with the Spanish Group OHL (40% Astaldi, 60% OHL) to enlarge and modernise 22 kilometres of Interstate-405 in Los Angeles. Astaldi, a historic customer of the CDP Group, has consolidated its presence in some international markets, thanks also to the support of SACE and SIMEST (CDP Group).


Contact details for the media:

Tel: +39 06 68635.777


Twitter: @SIMEST_IT


SIMEST is a CDP Group company, a 76% subsidiary of SACE and an investee of leading Italian banks and entrepreneurial associations. SIMEST and SACE are the exporting and internationalisation pole of the CDP Group, bringing together all the instruments to support Ital ian businesses that wish to compete and grow internationally. In particular, SIMEST takes part in all the phases of the foreign development of businesses, through financing operations at subsidised rates in support of internationalisation, contributions to interests in support of exporting, and acquisitions of stakes.

ASTALDI GROUP is an international contractor and a global player in the delivery of large and strategic infrastructure projects. With a leading position in Italy, Astaldi is one of worldwide International top 50 Contractor and one of Europe’s top 20 construction firms and is also a sponsor of project finance initiatives. The Group has more than 95 years of international experience and operates in a range of sectors, delivering complex and integrated initiatives. Designing, building, and operating public infrastructures and large-scale civil engineering works, Astaldi has unrivalled experience in Transport Infrastructure, Energy Production Plants, Civil and Industrial Construction, Facility Management, Plant Engineering, and Management of Complex Systems. In 2016, revenues totalled more than €3 billion, with a total order backlog of over €27 billion. Listed on the Milan Stock Exchange since 2002, Astaldi is headquartered in Italy. With approximately 100 projects in over 20 countries, the Group’s 11,500 employees are based in Italy, Europe (Poland, Romania and Russia) and Turkey, Africa (Algeria), North America (Canada and the USA), Latin America, the Middle East (Saudi Arabia) and the Far East (Indonesia).