Export credit support

Wednesday 12 October 2016

We support your exports of capital goods, enabling you to offer payment plans with competitive terms and conditions

Export credit support, in the forms of buyer credit and supplier credit, is intended to foster national exports of capital goods (machinery, plants and related studies, spare parts, works and services) towards any country in the world.

SIMEST provides an interest rate support on financing granted by Italian or foreign banks, allowing Italian exporters to offer foreign buyers/customers payment deferrals on medium/long-term orders under conditions and interest rates in line with OECD agreements.

Who it's for

All capital goods exporters

Supported amount

Up to 85% of the contract value

Interest rate subsidy

On loans granted by Italian or foreign banks associated with medium or long-term (at least 24 months) deferred payments at the relevant OECD Commercial Interest Reference Rate (CIRR).

Supplier creditThe Italian exporter grants the foreign buyer a payment deferral against the issue of credit notes discounted at a market rate.
SIMEST pays the exporter an interest rate subsidy equal to the difference between the net proceeds of the discounting of the notes at the market rate and their present value at the fixed rate based on the CIRR paid by the buyer

Buyer credit

The foreign importer receives bank financing at a fixed rate based on the CIRR and pays the Italian exporter in cash, drawing on the facility.
SIMEST guarantees the lender the difference between the fixed rate paid by the borrower and the floating market rate